Screaming voices. Crashing objects. Slamming doors. And, physical violence. An investigative report I’ve obtained reveals George Zimmerman and his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, vented their rage on each other three months ago during their domestic dispute, despite knowing Scheibe’s 11-year old daughter was at home and a witness to it all.

Here are the first photos of Zimmerman’s lethal arsenal I exclusively obtained and that I first reported, yesterday, for RadarOnline.com.


This is also the first look at the neck bruise Scheibe said Zimmerman had inflicted upon her a week earlier. She said he’d grabbed her from the front with “both hands” and squeezed until Scheibe couldn’t breathe. Scheibe admitted to an investigator it was her texting with an ex that ignited Zimmerman’s jealous rage.

When Seminole County Sheriff’s deputies raced to the scene that mid November day, some were struck by what they saw inside. It wasn’t the lethal arsenal, the bullet proof vest, the smashed glasses and furniture or the disheveled state of Scheibe’s home. It was the portrait of shattered innocence right in front of them…framed by contradiction and violence. Staring at them was the large photo of Scheibe’s young daughter. To the right of her photo sat a small canvass inscribed with a saying about love and kindness. While, on the other side of the photo and all over the floor were sharp shards of broken glass that had scattered like shrapnel when Zimmerman allegedly slammed the butt of his loaded shotgun down on the table top.


I have many other photos from the “crime scene that day. I’ll post them this evening. They tell a story words cannot. A tale that includes no criminal charges after The state attorney dropped them. Not pictured anywhere, is the “sex tape” Scheibe revealed she and Zimmerman had recently made. Scheibe claims that- -during one of the couple’s recent arguments- -Zimmerman texted a “pornographic” photo from the sex tape to Scheibe’s daughter. The photo was reportedly a shot of Scheibe, “from the waist up…laying on the bed.” Even more shocking is Scheibe’s claim that- -along with the lewd photo- -Zimmerman sent a text message which read, “Ask Mommy About This.” In their report, investigators say they met with Scheibe’s daughter and that they saw the photo. They decided it didn’t “rise to the level of an additional criminal charge against Zimmerman.” If Scheibe was surprised about that, she had one of her own for Zimmerman. Scheibe confided to a deputy that “George thinks we’re pregnant, but we’re not.” She went on to explain that she’d had a miscarriage just the week before. She had not told Zimmerman.

Part 2 of “The Walking Man” comes this week. I’ll be back this evening to update you on this incident.

“The Walking Man” Investigation- 1 of 2

That’s the possible punishment attached to the serious crimes George Zimmerman has been accused of–or charged with–during run-ins with the law in just the last six months.
Since July, when he was acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman has gotten himself into six incidents; three of which involved allegations of armed threats or violence.
Yet, none has been proven. And, Zimmerman has walked away from each case, free of consequence.
But, as I’ve discovered, it’s not because law enforcement hasn’t had the evidence.
In this two-part investigation:
How cops have allowed Zimmerman to stay out of jail and or prison.
And then, Zimmerman’s modus operandi: His practiced and repeated methods that allow him to threaten violence and to blame the victim, without being held accountable.
This is part one.


Update: Will not be done today. I’ll Tweet in the next couple of days when they’re done (two long parts).

Harry Houdini could have learned something from George Zimmerman. Even the world’s greatest escape artist who mastered the skill of disappearing from straightjackets, cages and handcuffs might have snagged a shirt sleeve…trying to give the slip to law enforcement six times in a row.

That’s how many times officers have detained Zimmerman–since July–only to watch him walk away consequence-free.
But, even the most extraordinary, “One Man Show” can’t be pulled off, alone:



Note: In this story, I’ve included the entire email so anyone may freeze frame to read it in full. At the top, I’ve covered someone’s personal phone number.

IT APPEARS “Justice For Trayvon,” is no longer just a dream for those who want a piece of George Zimmerman.

Evidence I’ve obtained reveals a Federal Grand Jury may already be hearing testimony supporting a federal hate crime indictment…in Orlando, Florida.

There’s a reason for the phrase, “A Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwich.”

The sticky layers are stacked against the defendant.

The United States prosecutor controls what Grand Jurors hear, see…and don’t.

It means, for the first time…prosecutors will be able to say the phrase, “racial profiling,” and “racial motivation.” –All the pertinent descriptions Trayvon supporters believe this case is about–but which state trial Judge, Debra Nelson, forbade in her courtroom.

There will be no Mark O’Maras to object and reconstruct. Defense attorneys aren’t allowed in the room. No judge actively takes part, either.
Nothing… that helped Zimmerman walk from a state murder charge.

Federal Grand Juries don’t decide innocence or guilt…only whether there’s probable cause for someone to be tried.

Will Zimmerman be indicted and face the fight of his life?



It’s the video tape George Zimmerman hoped you would never see. Girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe, describes to a Seminole Co. sheriff’s investigator a more violent incident and a more dangerous Zimmerman than her 911 call revealed last month. Scheibe says it started with Zimmerman flying into a jealous rage over another man.

scheibe tease graphic BLOG

Investigations airing next:

1. UNDISCLOSED EVIDENCE AND CONDUCT: Should the state attorney have dropped his felony case?

2. IN HIS OWN DARK WORDS: You’ll read and hear Zimmerman’s increasingly troubled thoughts behind his actions since just after he’d shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

3. THE WALKING MAN: The Seminole County Sheriff’s Dept. is the only agency in seven incidents to hold Zimmerman accountable. How have cops helped provide those shoes?

4. CAN’T PAINT OUT OF THIS ONE: Zimmerman may wish his art brush were magic…with what I’ve learned is ahead for him.



Today (Wednesday), the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department gave George Zimmerman back his arsenal of guns that aligns him with America’s two most hated men; mass shooters Adam Lanza and James Holmes.

Lanza massacred the 20 innocent children and 6 educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut a year ago. Holmes slaughtered 12 and injured 70 theater-goers in Aurora, Colorado 17 months ago.

All three mens’ arsenals include a version of their shared top three deadliest guns (see graph below): the assault rifle, the shotgun and the concealed carrier’s trusted, Glock. Zimmerman’s two additional guns– officers recovered from his girlfriend’s house last month– put him one gun ahead of Holmes and make him even with Lanza (who had five killing machines, counting the .22 rifle he used at his home to kill his mother). Zimmerman still out powers Lanza with his Interstar version of the Walther PPK in his fifth holster.

Read more below about Zimmerman allegedly having “cocked” his Kel Tec KSG pump action shotgun before, sheriff’s investigators maintain, he aimed it at his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe.


Before recanting her allegations against Zimmerman, Samantha Scheibe signed a sworn police affidavit stating the same thing two sheriff’s deputies and a domestic violence investigator maintain she told them. That is–as Zimmerman became enraged over Scheibe’s telling him to leave her home–he picked up his loaded AR-15 and watched a shell drop out. Despite his anger at her, Samantha said wasn’t worried, because she “figured it was no longer loaded.” According to Scheibe’s original sworn statement, Zimmerman then picked up his KSG shotgun and “cocked” it as a “warning” before keeping it loaded and placing it on top of his gun bag. That’s when–Samantha originally said–she became worried enough to call police. As soon as she’d picked up the phone, the original claim goes, Zimmerman pointed his KSG at her and said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”