Food Poisoning

Some Good Tips to Prevent Food Poisoning Effectively

You usually cook the food in your family. I guess that you will have a lot of good tips to buy the food as well as to cook food in the right way. Besides, you will give some criteria to select the good utensils in the kitchen. In fact, all utensils will support you during cooking. They also contribute to you cook better. But sometimes, someone in your home has some problem about the stomach which its reason is food poisoning. Although you choose the raw foods carefully you do not know the causes. Instead, you want to look for the causes of food poisoning. You should take your time to get some good tips to prevent food poisoning effectively. Where will you have this information? You will have the useful tips to prevent food poisoning in this article. I think that they really need in our life.

Actually, food poisoning can affect the human health seriously. Many people said that most of the food poisoning will happen in the restaurants, coffee shop, and fast food shop. Also, some people have food poisoning when eating some food at home. Therefore, to reduce the risks of food poisoning, you should refer to some following tips:

#1. Washing Your Hands

Washing your hands before and after handling the raw foods

Washing the hands properly is very necessary to protect the health. So do you know how to wash your hands in the right way? Please look at some steps below:

  • You should use soap and hot water to wash your hands;
  • Then, you must dry them before handling the foods. This will ensure the virus can not spread from your hands to the food;
  • After completing the raw foods including meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables, you also need to wash your hands;
  • It is very necessary to wash the hand after touching a waste basket, going to the toilet.

#2. Washing The Dishcloths

Normally, you do not pay attention to the dishcloths in your kitchen. However, you should wash it regularly and keep it dry if you want to use the dishcloth again. This is easy to understand that the wet and dirty dishcloth will be a good environment for the reproduction of germs and bacteria

#3. Using Some Types of The Chopping Boards

Using some types of the chopping boards

It is very dangerous for your health if your family is using a chopping board for all foods. With the raw foods, you need one. And with the cooked food, you also need a chopping board. In fact, in the raw foods, there are a lot of the harmful bacteria and they are easy to spread from the food to other utensils such as knives, chopping board, worktops and other foods. Thus, if you do not separate the chopping board you can have food poisoning very high.

#4. Separating Raw Meat

With all raw meat, you must separate them. This is very important. You should not let the raw meat near the foods which they are real to eat like salad, fruit, and bread.

#5. Storing The Raw Meat at The Bottom Shelf

You must remember that storing the raw meat is very important. This will limit the bacteria to touch other foods. It is better to place the raw meat on the bottom shelf in the fridge.

#6. Controlling The Temperature in The Fridge

Of course, you will store all foods for some next days in the fridge. At this time, you must control its temperature. The most suitable temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius. By this way, you will prevent food poisoning significantly.

#7. Cooking Food Thoroughly

With some foods, many people do not want to cook in a long time because they think the food will be lost the essential nutrients. Especially, you must cook thoroughly with some types of meat such as pork, sausages, kitchen meat…. They should be cooked until you do not see pink meat inside.

#8. Following “Use By” Dates

If you like the packaged food you must follow “use by” date which it is printed on the product. In fact, the “use by” date is based on the scientific test. Although the food looks okay you should not use if it is over expiry date.

In short, to prevent food poisoning is not difficult if you have some information as my article. These are 8 basic ways which you have to keep in your mind. And these tips will help you avoid food poisoning in your life. I hope that this writing is very useful for everyone who wants to prevent food poisoning for personally.