Food Poisoning

Why Do You Have The Food Poisoning?

There are many reasons that many people want to use the good utensils in their kitchen. Their purposes are to keep the good health for all members of their family. Even, they can still spend a lot of money to buy the best kitchen utensils. They want to cook the pot with the good quality. The food will be cooked better. Therefore, all these elements will bring the health safety. Sometimes you also meet some bad problem after eating the food. This is called the food poisoning. Many people do not know its cause. In fact, at any stage, your food will be contaminated during producing, processing, and cooking. Of course, you do not know this. To get more knowledge about the food poisoning especially its reason, you can refer to why you have the food poisoning in this article. I believe that this is very necessary because it relates to our health. Please take your time to read it, right!

Why do you have the food poisoning?

Some Common Causes of The Food Poisoning

There are a lot of causes of the food poisonings. Normally, you think that this is not harmful to your health. But in fact, it is extremely poisonous to the human health. To understand more here is an example for you.

  • You are preparing the raw chicken on the big plastic board.
  • Then, you continue to cut some other foods (such as the salads) on it without washing clearly;
  • At this time, the harmful bacteria on the board can spread to the salad. When you eat salad, you have the food poisoning. This situation is called the cross- contamination.

In addition, there are some common causes of the contamination which it can make you have the poison. Looking at some typical causes as follows:

  • The food is not cooked thoroughly especially some kinds of meat;
  • You do not store the food properly. Most of them must be chilled at under 5 degrees Celsius;
  • You keep the cooked food in the fridge for a long time;
  • You eat the food of those who have diarrhea and vomiting. At this time, the harmful bacteria will spread from the food to other people.

Some types of Infection Reaching to Food Poisoning

Some types of infection reaching to food poisoning

Normally, viruses and bacteria are two main causes which they can lead to food poisoning. However, I will share six typical types of infection. They are considered very common causes of food poisoning. Please see some explanation below:

  • Campylobacter

The campylobacter bacteria are the main reason of food poisoning in the United Kingdom. These bacteria usually live in the raw meat or the undercooked meat. If you have the campylobacter the symptoms often appear after two to five days after eating some things. However, these symptoms will last within a week.

  • Salmonella

Salmonella bacteria are found in the raw meat, egg or undercooked meat, and other dairy products. Its symptoms also last about from four to seven days.

  • Viruses

The virus will make you have some symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. They are often the norovirus. This is easy to spread from person to person. Especially, with the contaminated food, this is a good environment for the development of the virus.

  • Shigella

Shigella bacteria can contaminate to other foods which they have been washed in the contaminated water. The symptoms will develop in 7 days after you eat the contaminated food. And it can last about one week.

  • Escherichia coli (E. coli)

Escherichia coli are known as E. coli. They are found in the digestive system of the people and the animals. Although some strains are not harmful to our health some can cause the serious problem to health not only in human but also in animals.

In fact, many problems relating to Escherichia coli will happen after we eat the undercooked beef or drink the unpasteurized milk. Therefore, you should be careful to cook the beef or choose the suitable milk to drink.

  • Listeria

Listeria bacteria have a lot in the chilled foods such as the pre-packed sandwiches, and soft cheeses. If the pregnant women have listeria bacteria it is very dangerous for the fetus’s health. It can make some bad complications for the fetus. In some cases, it is a main reason for the miscarriage.

In short, after reading this article, I guess you can answer the question in this title. As you know, the dietary needs are very necessary and important role in our life. Besides, the food will provide a lot of vitamin for our health. The food also contains many pathogens. Of course, they will make some bad effect and can lead to the food poisoning. I hope you will get a lot of useful experience for using, processing, storing as well as eating the food.