Food Poisoning

Make Grilled Dishes Safer and Healthier

In the summer, we usually eat the grilled dishes taste. This is common on afternoons with the family reunion. But did you know the processing and using the grilled dishes also affect health? The grilled meat or vegetables on the kitchen stove or electricity, this will make the dish extra nutty flavor and also helps us to restrict oil consumption. But how cooking at high temperatures can trigger bad chemical compounds. They are released when the protein of burning flesh and can become a carcinogen.

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These fatty foods are baked at high temperatures, and they will quickly generate toxic gasses. This poisonous gas will certainly not good for the body. So you need to identify how to make delicious grilled dishes and safety.

The Fat From Barbecue Grills Is The Exclusive Cause of The Human Body

At present, barbecue grills are not recommended to use by the nutritionist, and they are also considered as foods cause cancer. In the process of grilled food with high temperature, fats from meat into the flames flowing underneath (hot coals or heat in the electric oven), and the amount of oil used to spreadable food or grill. Oils and fats burning, it will generate toxic gasses PHA (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) can cause cancer. PHA will cling to food through the smoke.

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How to Prepare Safe and Nutritional Grilled Dishes

However, you have no need to stay away from fascinating grilled dishes altogether. You just need to learn how to grill so that reasonable and minimize the harmful ingredients. Hazardous substances generated during grill dish carelessly.

Here’s how to make barbecue grills should apply to dangerous restrictions:

  1. Use lean meat, remove fat, skin removed (for poultry): To minimize the amount of fat falls flame when you grill (generate PAHs). Limiting fatty meats like ribs, salami, sausages (foods containing fats are not good for health). Cooked meats such as salami, sausages also contain nitrosamines, substances that can cause cancer. While limiting red meat (pork, beef, lamb) help you reduce some saturated fats that the body can tolerate. And you should also avoid Cooked meats (such as bacon and sausage). This will help minimize the risk of damaging the DNA. That is because nitrite, which is used to preserve processed meat, can damage the intestinal mucosa, and high salt intake of these foods can cause you to raise blood pressure and lead to problems other health.
  2. You should be marinated meat before baking with the mixture of vegetable water: As orange juice (lemon, tangerine), ginger, chili, vinegar … because there are antioxidants. You should be impregnated or marinated foods with sauce before baking. The sauce will enhance the flavor of the dish and increase safety for cooking. The liquid layer of the sauce will cover the food, and it will reduce the amount of fat running down. So you will limit the rise of toxins. The amount of the sauce as much as high efficiency.
  3. You should make food becomes completely dry, avoiding any water or fluids. Before baking the food, you can wrap fish in aluminum foil then grill. This will help the food becomes humid, and prevent accumulation of toxic substances from the smoke. Processing directly on the grilled dishes grilling will produce Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). This is a compound that can cause cancer, and they are formed when heat activated interaction between fat and smoke. Therefore, food packages again with foil or leaves before baking will reduce the level of exposure of meat to coal smoke and prevent the formation of PAH.
  4. You should keep food in the refrigerator or ice box. You should remember to completely separate from foods such as raw, cooked. This will help you a lot in safety grill.
  5. It should be baking at a low temperature to limit or moderate smoke.
  6. Regularly rotating the baking dish. This will help the meat is cooked thoroughly and avoid getting scorched on one side.
  7. Limit the cooking time by cutting slim and light food.
  8. Limit fat to flow down below the fire source by removing fat from food before grilling. If you want the most secure method, you should choose lean foods, and do not contain much fat for baking.
  9. When you eat food, you have to bake all the parts removed were scorched. The burned part is a place containing the most toxic.
  10. You are the love of barbecue, but you also should not eat too many baking dishes. You should use the grill in a limited way. It is best to not more than two times per week.
  11. The quality of grilling is also an important role. Should choose best natural gas grills. That might be the type of grilling is made of ceramic with high thermal and stainless steel. You should not use these types of aluminum blisters because of the reaction between acid and aluminum while the baking will produce toxic substances.
  12. You do not eat the burned bronzed parts of baking foods, including vegetables. Because HAs will form when cooking meat, fish, poultry, seafood, but PAHs may appear charred section of any food.
  13. Use meat as the side dish, the main dish instead of as: You can choose to grilled food bars, small pieces of meat will be interspersed with many large pieces of vegetables (peppers, onions, eggplant, pumpkin, pineapple …). This will make the taste more delicious, not bored and safer.

Selected to eat fish

  1. Selected to eat fish instead of meat: fish is a good choice. Since fish contains fewer calories, fat, and often cooked faster than most red meats or other processed meat.