Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning- Some Necessary Things to Know

 food poisoning

In our life, we should share what we know to help other people. For example, you can give some rice cooker reviews after buying and using this product. Thanks to your comments, the next buyers will have the useful information to choose the rice cooker properly. Or you have some problem about your health. You have the experience to overcome this difficult stage. You should share how to do. Surely, they are the important knowledge with the related people. In this article, I want to introduce some necessary things about the food poisoning. It is really basic things to know because it relates to our health. Sometimes, you can read this for yourself or for others. In the urgent cases, your understanding can help a lot of people. Thus, do not miss the opportunity to read the information about food poisoning, right!

Definition and Common Causes of Food Poisoning

There are many different definitions of food poisoning. This depends on the thinking of each person. But most of the definitions relate to eat and drink some spoiled foods. To help you understand easily, you can look at the following definition:

  • Food poisoning is a phenomenon of poisoning by eating. It is the result of eating or drinking with the food. Normally, they are the contaminated food, the foods having a lot of preservatives, and the toxic food. It is called as a foodborne illness.

Many people said that it does not need to know the common causes of the food poisoning. Actually, they will help you prevent some common causes. So you can keep the safety for your body. Here are the most food poisoning types today which you should know:

  • Bacteria are the most common cause of the food poisoning. Some typical bacteria are E. coli, salmonella, and shigella. Many people feel the bacteria come to the human body with the good reasons. In the daily meal, many foods contain these bacteria. Especially, salmonella becomes more popular. It is often associated with the animal meat;
  • Parasites are also very common although they are not as popular as the bacteria. However, the parasites are also very dangerous because they can live in your digestive system. The people who have the weak immune system such as children and the pregnant women can affect the health by the parasites too much. These parasites often live in the waste basket;
  • The virus is also a cause of food poisoning cases. In every year, the Norovirus causes more than 19 million cases of the food poisoning. It damages the human health. Many serious cases can lead to the dead. Also, Hepatitis A virus is very common to transmit through eating food.

Hepatitis A virus

Some Symptoms and How to Treat of Food Poisoning

It is very important to know the food poisoning symptoms. When knowing them, you can handle your situation timely. You can study some methods for first aid at home. Then, you can bring the patient to the hospital. I can get the more detail information as follows:

1. Food Poisoning Symptoms

In fact, many people do not know that they have the food poisoning. Of course, after eating the contaminated food, you will have some symptoms. And there are the different symptoms. This often depends on the source of the infection. According to the studies, most of the food poisoning will include at least the following three signs and symptoms:

  • You have the abdominal cramps. You want to go the restroom many times. It is diarrhea. Besides, you are vomiting;
  • Besides, your body is so tired although you only have some activities as every day. Now, you have a headache. Even, it is accompanied by mild fever;

You should remember the food poisoning will start after eating some hours or the several days. But the above symptoms are not serious. They can become heavier or your body can overcome after rest time. In the serious cases, you need to meet the doctor soon. The food poisoning can threaten your life. They include:

  • Diarrhea can last more than three days. Your body is severe dehydration. They have some signs to know such as dry mouth and do not urinate
  • You have a high fever. It reaches to 101 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Moreover, you are some difficult to speak and see.

Meeting severe dehydration

2. How to Treat of Food Poisoning

The food poisoning is a health problem which we can treat at home. It is the mild cases. Most of them will recover within a week. At that time, you can begin your activities as everyday. To treat food poisoning in the right way, you need to know some following tips:

  • Do not let your body get hydrated. You need to drink a lot of water. Beyond that, you can add fruit juice and coconut water. They will help your body recovery better;
  • Do not drink any water from the caffeine because it can affect the digestive system. Instead, you can drink some types of the decaffeinated teas. They can help your stomach improve significantly;
  • You can drink the drug such as Imodium and Pepto-Bismol. They will control your diarrhea very good. Besides, they can reduce your vomit effectively;
  • You do not forget to take the time of rest. It is very important;
  • In the heavy cases, you should stay at home to treat the food poisoning. You must meet the doctor. He will give some useful advice. Of course, he will help you get rid of the food poisoning safely;
  • In the most serious situation, you must go to the hospital. Many specialized doctors will treat you.

In short, food poisoning is not a dangerous disease to threaten your life. However, it will become extremely dangerous if you are not treated timely. So, you need to have some basic knowledge about the food poisoning. In this writing, I just share all essential information relating to this. They include definition, causes, symptoms, and how to treat the food poisoning. I think that it will be better to prevent and protect your health.